Design for production

In the final phase of the product development cycle we will fine-tune the design. Depending on the specific product we will need to ensure compliance with relevant regulations such as CE. Most likely we can make some improvements based on the things we learned during the prototype phase. Component selection will be re-evaluated for cost optimizations but also to make sure we use components that stay available during the time the product is on the market.
  • Get the design ready for larger scale production
  • Robustness against component availability
  • CE compliance and certification (e.g. EMC, LVD)
  • Cost optimizations

Production and assembly

Usually a product consists of multiple parts that are produced by different parties. At Jitter we have the capacity to do small scale electronics production in-house. For larger scale we can assist by managing the (overseas) manufacturing partners and by offering extra guarantees regarding quality. Each design has specific characteristics that might need more attention during production. We make sure that the communication with the suppliers goes smooth and effectively.

  • Small scale in-house assembly
  • Managing Suppliers
  • Outsourcing
  • Quality Control

Lithium battery packs assembled in-house