Vibrations Monitoring Platform

Frogwatch is a platform for precise vibrations monitoring. It is used for structural health monitoring, to guarantee nuisance stays within limits or to prevent damage to sensitive machinery and critical instruments.

  • Interactive Data Analysis
  • Real Time Monitoring and Alarm
  • Automatix reporta and emails
  • Project Management and Accounts
  • User defined vibration velocity guidelines (such as DIN4150)

Frogwatch Meters

Frogwatch Meters are completely autonomous devices that are controlled remotely from the online Frogwatch Dashboard. They are designed to blend into the environment. This allows them to be deployed even in public places (the external antenna is optional).

Frogwatch Meter Photo

Easy Remote Access and Data Visualization

From anywhere in the world, the user is able to see sensor status updates and events, send configurations and commands, and of course analyze and interact with the measurement data. The system is built to match the users workflow and integrate with their processes, saving time and increasing productivity. Features include:

  • Sensors can be configured in projects and clusters (multiple sensor sharing the same settings).
  • Automatic reports give daily or weekly overview of the vibration activity.
  • Sensors are capable of sending alarms via sms or email when certain limits are exceeded. For example to (construction) project developers, so they can take the appropriate action.

Real Time Data

In certain situations it is useful to see the measurement data in real time at high resolutions. This allows the operator to see more details and gives better insight in what is happening. Sensors can be connected via USB to a computer running our Frogwatch software. This will show a real time plot for each axis/direction (x, y, z) vibrations are recorded. Additionally it will show the current dominant frequency and highest value in the signal.

Frogwatch Meters are available early 2019 in limited quantities. For orders or more information contact us at